Earth Touch Bodyworks

In 2003 I began my massage training Journey at the Brian Utting School of Massage in Seattle. This program consisted of over 1400 clinical and classroom hours of training in a variety of techniques including Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage and Gymnastics, Sports Massage Certification, Trigger Point Therapy (NMT), Hydrotherapy and Circulatory Massage. In addition to these basic Techniques, I participated in several elective courses in Reflexology, Muscle Energy Technique, Lomi-Lomi, and Craniosacral Therapy.

Outside of the classroom and required Student Clinic session work, I created a massage outreach to work with Alice Lee, Licensed Acupuncturist and worked in tandem with her using massage to enhance treatments on her clients over a 2 month period.

During my time in massage school I received my first Reiki attunement, the introductory level which prepares a person for self energy healing. The second attunement was given to me by a local Seattle Reiki Master and prepared me for more in-depth healing of others as well as distance healing. In 2013 I received my final Reiki Master level attunement from Australian Reiki Master, Matthew Doichinov.

After a couple of years doing massage professionally, I began to realize I needed more sense of grounding and connection to the earth, especially when working in a healing environment where people tend to let go of emotions and energy that no longer serves them. I began my search for more understanding of my own energy system and how to remain safe and grounded in any setting.

This lead me to Lynda Caesara in 2008, a shaman and teacher from Berkeley, CA who, after some 30+ years of shamanic practice, bodywork and energy work, had created a 2-year course in Understanding Your Personal Energy. Over the two years of monthly meetings, ceremony and work with other students in the class, I gained an infinitely better understanding of my personal energy, and the boundaries associated with them.

Hungry for more, I furthered my study of personal energy with two of Lynda's advanced pupils, Jesse Goldmark and Heidi Gribble, who have continued teaching Lynda’s 2-Year course in Seattle and have maintained several groups of ongoing advanced classes. I've been working with these teachers monthly to strengthen and support my energetic practice since finishing my course with Lynda in 2010.

Through the greater community, I have studied shamanic practices with Nunutsi Otterson of Cherokee and Cree lineage, deepening my understanding of Native American practices in grounding through nature, ceremony and service.

In 2015 I was fortunate to participate in a 260-hour certification program in Craniosacral Therapy led by Pat O'Rourke, LMT CCST. Part of this course was an intra-oral certification, which is very exciting, for it allows me to work with the deeper muscles of the jaw and cranium from inside the mouth, offering relief and help for those who suffer with jaw pain or TMJ Disorder. As I begin to practice this gentle yet powerful bodywork modality I have added to my tool belt, I look forward to how the other methods I utilize will weave together, giving me greater understanding of, and respect for, the human body's ability to heal and evolve throughout life.

Peace and light,

Tod Taylor, LMT CCST